Wednesday, 23 July 2014

GHD Hair Hong Kong

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Loose, undone beach waves are my go-to hair style and I'm always looking for a way to perfect that look.  My hair finds it hard to hold curls for a long period of time and I'm pretty adverse to aggressive styling products so my options are slightly limited. I recently went to Paul Gerrard to test out a GHD styling experience, and managed to walk out with the perfect waves I've been craving.  We used the GHD heat protect and curl cream to create my look and the ultra modern GHD Eclipse Styler.  I was so impressed with the speed and ease of the process.  Usually visits to the salon mean at least 1.5 hours in the chair, which is very tedious for someone impatient like myself. Surprisingly my hair was salon perfect in less than 40 mins and I was all ready for a night out.   The curls held throughout the night with no stiffness or damage.  My hair actually felt softer and healthier. The look was equally easy to achieve at home, with just a flick of your wrist you can add a slight bend and create the ideal wave.  If you forget how they achieved it at your styling session, there are lots of GHD youtube videos to help you figure it out.   I have definitely added the GHD Eclipse to my daily hair routine.

If you are in HK this week, GHD are giving away complimentary styling experiences just like the one I had at Paul Gerrard. All you have to do is visit any of the locations listed below and upload a selfie of your new look onto Instagram or Facebook with #catwalkmeghk and @ghdhairhk.  Easy! An added bonus is each participant is automatically entered to win a GHD professional photo shoot worth up to $30,000 HKD for you and two friends.  

July 24-26, Paul Gerrard, 26 Pottinger Street, 12-8pm
July 25-27, Alpha Omega, 54 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay 12-8pm
July 24-Aug 17, Lane Crawford Times Square, 10am-10pm
July 24-Aug 17, Lane Crawford Canton Road, 10am-10pm

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Home Kong

 One Teaspoon top, Maurie & Eve shorts, Superga flatform sneakers.

One of those days when the air is breezy and crisp, the bursting sun tickles your skin with a comforting warmth, and that glittering buzz ignites your optimistic mood.  I'm always surprised when I suddenly realise how at home I now feel in this tumultuous and gratifyingly crazy city.  It's always been easy for me to feel out of place, letting discomfort sweep over my mood.  I can skip into feeling not quite right in an instant and maybe a little uneasy in my own skin.  These past few months have seen these insecurities subside and I'm stepping evenly into a steady stride, finding an enjoyable confidence with my life and myself.  I've city skipped most of my life and prided myself on that nomadic, hedonistic behaviour, but now I know where I fit most.   Like this city cut out a perfect little slot for my family and I to reside.  We'll always travel, we'll always wander, but now I know where we'll always call home.


Monday, 14 July 2014

just breathe

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C. by Christing C. Montmartre Cardigan, Stolen Girlfriends Club skirt, Converse sneakers, Zara crop top.  

Just a few weeks and it feels like the world has flipped but in the very best way.   The boy and I are shifting into our new roles a little more each day and I can see the shape our lives will soon take.  Big changes make you look at your life through new eyes, reevaluating relationships, and weeding out the good from bad.  Surrounding myself with positivity and strength so we can grow into a healthier, balanced existence.  Now more than ever I feel adverse to negativity and pressure, and there is nothing more optimistic than watching something you created grow, thrive, and bond in the most natural way. Our days are what we make it and we can choose to push, mold, and wring every last minute hoping to manipulate it into what we think we may want or we can just learn to stop, breathe and enjoy. 


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Forever 21 Macau

 photo F757B27A.jpg  photo 3F82FE1C.jpg  photo 2EC57F07.jpg  photo AC67D5FE.jpg 

I was super excited back when Forever 21 opened its doors in HK and was lucky enough to collaborate with them on a fun blogger project, so when I heard they were launching their 2nd store in Macau we couldn't resist hopping on a ferry to check out the grand opening.  The new store boasts just under 20,000 sq ft over several floors right on the front steps of the beautiful Ruins of St Paul.  We've always loved exploring that area of Macau with it's numerous local eats, cute shops, and unique architecture. After sipping champagne to celebrate F21's grand opening we spent the night hanging out at our 5* hotel, enjoying cocktails while admiring the view, and finishing up with a room service binge. A much needed mini break for the boy and I.   Make sure to check out the new store on your next visit.


Monday, 30 June 2014

some kind of new

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 C. by Christing C. blazer and silver shorts.  Zara top.

 My moods have been up and down almost as much as our bipolar weather.  Busy schedules and being torn between wanting to spend all my time at home with our little girl makes it impossible to keep up my semi existent social life.  Contemplating holidays lately and wondering if a quickie girl's trip just before our one month in Europe is a good idea.  A new Nespresso Inissia machine means I'm a little more fuelled than usual, and can find energy in the peaceful hours of the night when the rest of our home is snoozing to have some much needed "me" time.  Trying my best to rebuild my wardrobe into something that makes sense again, and working towards that pre-baby body at a not too slow pace.  Another month and most of my standard goals should have been met.  I'm optimistic.


Saturday, 21 June 2014

you're my perfect imperfection

 photo 7F06AFF2.jpg  photo 49AA3640.jpg
C. by Christing C. Malibu Silk and Converse sneakers.

New goals.   Start posting regularly again.  Life is getting in the way of itself.  I'm pretty sure HK eats up hours in a day like no other city and bedtime rolls around as quickly as the morning arrived.  I can't help but be obsessed with the fast paced mood with restaurant openings happening every second day, parties littering every evening and holidays high on most people's priorities.  It's definitely the coolest place to be a Mummy, where it's possible to keep up with the masses while spending most of your day with the little one.  The boy and I take advantage of rainy Saturdays and while the entire city goes out to play we indulge in family time and movie night.  It's often teamed with insane relief and contentment which builds further excitement for our usual boozy Sunday brunch.  Happiness can often be so easily achieved when you are surrounded by all you need.


Sunday, 8 June 2014

passing time

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Currently lounging in our now seemingly minuscule bed while my two loves sleep soundly by my side.  I'm slightly perplexed by how a tiny baby can make so much space disappear, but the boy and I are indulging her in our space before we attempt to coax her into preferring a bed of her own.  This week whizzed by in a blur with plenty to celebrate and a busy schedule to keep us on our toes.  Counting time in hours and trying to savour all of them despite each day passing far too quickly.  The boy celebrated a birthday, which we decided to keep low key with a much needed date night.  Look forward to a quiet Monday and family time on the couch before the parties, dinners, and meetings of the week commence.