Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Ba&sh Hong Kong, IFC

Ba&sh Blouse
Ba&sh Knit Jacket
Ba&sh top and skirt

One of my favourite French imports has set up camp in IFC and I couldn't be more excited.  Taking direct inspiration from their Paris boutiques, Ba&sh's HK location oozes Parisian style and flair.  I couldn't get enough of their new Autumn/Winter collection and am not exaggerating when I say I could happily wear every single piece.  The bohemian, evidently french designs bring up cravings for carafes of vin in St Germain, long night walks along La Seine, and public displays of affection in the winding streets of Le Marais.  Make sure to visit their new boutique and add a little je ne sais quoi to your wardrobe.  


Saturday, 27 September 2014

Papeete Swimwear

 Sun soaked Saturdays never fail to bring on major beach cravings and ocean withdrawals.  We recently set up camp in a beautiful apartment adjacent to Cannes' drippingly luxe port and I'm still in awe of that spectacular morning view.  Although I'm definitely missing waking to a French Riviera filled vision, at least I still have my favourite beach companion at the ready for similar sun and sand fun in HK.  Papeete Swimwear are HK based and offer sexy, fun styles in really flattering cuts.  I loved the feel of their comfy material and the colours and designs do a decent job and bringing out your inner bronzed beach babe.  Go to their website and check out all the cute bikinis and chic one pieces on offer.


Friday, 12 September 2014

Cannes Photo Diary

We are back after 10 days in paradise.  A first family vacation when all I wanted to do was nap with the baby and sip wine with the boy.  Pretty successful overall considering it was the first time were were sans nanny and all.  Cannes is one of those places we will always return. The boy introduced me to the luxe bohemian beach town just after we were married and we've been finding ourselves traipsing back to the same family owned beaches, indulgent restaurants, and seaside cocktail spots year after year.  It was perfect to witness sunsets in a new light while walking our little girl up and down the rivera and splurging on a little place with a big view.  Some tweaks need to be done but next year will be round 100 and even better than the last.


Thursday, 4 September 2014

Welcome to Babetown: Babescrub

 photo FCD2ADDD.jpg  photo E97796CB.jpg  photo C9C493C2.jpg  photo 905C4E41.jpg  photo 96944D73.jpg  

Silky smooth skin is an essential base for that much lusted after beach tan, so I was so excited to test drive Babescrub's all natural products to get me ready for a day in Cannes.  Not only do the scrubs and body souffles smell incredible, they are Australian made using pure, natural ingredients. No toxic, nasty stuff, and still works wonders on your skin.  I was obsessed with the Green Tea Body Scrub and Coffee Body Scrub, both smoothing creating a silky baby soft skin and even reducing cellulite and stretch marks.  So necessary for me as I'm still only 4 months post Ever Tai's birth.  I loved the concept of the dry body scrub which is much less mess and so easy to use.  Don't miss Babescrub's body souffle which is perfect to glide on post shower after a long day at the beach.  My skin has taken a beating from long sunny days and dips in salt water, but the body souffle has kept me hydrated and smooth.  Babescrub is an essential for all us hedonistic beach babes and has made me beach ready throughout my trip.  Head over to their site and join Babetown too!

Saturday, 23 August 2014

makes me feel like i can't live without you

Hope all of you are enjoying a sunny weekend.  I'm trying, but more likely will be rampantly prepping for our trip and finishing up last minute projects.  Somehow it feels like all the work rolls in minutes before departure time.  I'm already dreaming of my feet in the sand and gigantic french salads.  Can't believe it's been three years since the boy and I went to play in Cannes.  Truth is I am pretty aware of how content I am with life in general at the moment by the fact that I'm not seriously over excited for the trip, and while I'm anticipating some European fun, the boy and I are already looking forward to the return.  Life in HK just keeps getting better by month and I'm acutely aware of how we have become religiously accustomed to all the luxuries it entails.  Despite my obsession with travel, I'm pretty happy with short trips and coming back to home base.  


Monday, 18 August 2014

Health & Fitness with ChristingC: Juicing and XYZ

Just wanted to catch up and give a little update on my recent health kick. I've managed to keep up the spin classes at XYZ despite being a bit more run down recently, and my adventures in juicing have been very enjoyable to my surprise.  I must share my favourites with you soon, but between nursing a newborn and running around town all day I was unable to stick strictly to the detox regime. My solution was a single light daytime meal alongside juices and a spin class before dinner. 

My addiction to spinning has come back in full force and it is honestly my ideal way to get fit.  I didn't get the chance to double up with classes as often as I would have liked, and have decided a workout buddy really keeps you on track. The classes at XYZ are so much fun and the instructors always inspire me to keep working harder.  You really feel accomplished after one of their Born to Move classes and it keeps me on a healthier route during dinner knowing I've burned a good amount of calories.

Less than 10 days until holiday time.  Will give you guys another update before then.


Saturday, 16 August 2014

thought process

Getting prepped for an accelerated end to the summer.  Perfecting our procrastination skills and willing ourselves to get just a little healthier before hitting that beach.  I'm not sure how we will actually survive without HK's luxuries for three weeks (yes that includes nanny, champagne brunches, weekly parties, and yacht ready weather), but a good dose of European culture should make up for the inconvenient shock. You know that feeling when you are at the brink of everything becoming perfect?  I'm dangling right there.