Sunday, 25 January 2015

more than your fair share

Flying from one task to the next unsure of how my days are passing.  I'm trying to relax and snap out of autopilot mode in hopes of a more regimented way of dealing with just about everything.  We have big hopes and dreams this year which means more work and serious faces than I usually allow.  Brainstorming in the early hours, forgoing meals for marathon google sessions, and welcoming a free Sunday with the most open of hearts.  I'm sleepy just thinking about it... so goodnight for now ;-)


Monday, 12 January 2015

No need to come to me when I can make it all the way to you

My days are currently littered with sporadic naps, incessant cups of coffee, and chasing after a giggling baby.  Good intentions of gymming have been semi successful which is probably the best I'll ever do.  The boy and I have cleared our social calendars in favour of drawn out family strolls and cuddle sessions on the couch.  I'm not sure if it's January or the evident slight chill in the air, but my head seems clearer and the air fresher on calm days like today.  Is it okay all I really want on life is to fall asleep inches away from my loves? Mission accomplished.


Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Health and Fitness Post: HK's Best Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse

 New year, new you.  We hear the same resolutions every year.  Exercise more, eat healthy, lose 10 pounds...and the list goes on.  I'm just as guilty as the rest of them.  There's something about closing the chapter and starting over, you feel as if a new opportunity has presented itself and this will be the year you look hot, stay on top of all your work, and achieve extreme success.  Let's hope we get at least half way there, but for now I wanted to actually start a regime I can maintain.  If you aren't already aware, the boy is a food blogger, so I spend most of my evenings devouring the most decadent, delicious, and heavenly dishes available and add even more wine on top of that.  Luckily the boy has jumped onto the January detox bandwagon and is more or less fasting for two weeks, which means I get a break from food tasting and can up my veggie intake significantly.   

Now I love the whole idea of juicing, cleaning out your system, and shedding tons of pounds, but it's not a commitment I can suffer through without a few personal adjustments.  First of all an all liquid diet is not doable for me.  I have a baby, love to work out, and generally just enjoy chewing so my goal is always juice during daytime when I'm super busy and sit down to one healthy meal a night.  This means no grumbling tummy before bed and generally a more likable me.  I find with this plan is one I can stick to for two weeks at a time, and even when our food tasting life begins again, I still steer towards veggies and fruit during the day.  It's a great lifestyle plan, not just a January plan.

I wanted to share my favourite HK cold pressed juice companies with you guys in case you wanted to try too or maybe go for the full on juice cleanse.  

Mr. Green Juice:  The juices come in trendy mason jars, all ingredients are 100% organic, and there are a lot of veggies in each jar.  I no longer have to worry about my 5 a day and everything tastes super fresh and healthy.  I love these before and after working out for lots of energy and their beetroot flavour is so yummy.

Genie Juicery:  They have the most delicious flavours in my opinion and so many options including cold brewed coffee.  My favourite flavours are Beaches and Bugs Bunny and their green juices have actually helped me through a few hangovers.  The store in IFC makes it very easy to incorporate into your everyday lifestyle even if you aren't detoxing.

Bejuiced:  I found these the most filling of the bunch.  If I were to go down the only liquid route this would be my choice.  They are yummy and easy to sip throughout the day, and with flavours like "Oh My Gazpacho" you almost feel like you are eating a little something. 

Happy detoxing and eating clean and please share any tips below :-)


Monday, 5 January 2015

Phuket Travel Diary: Sri Panwa

There's something about floating above the ocean, underneath a blanket of blue skies that makes you believably closer to heaven.  Set at the tip top of Phuket, Sri Panwa is the ultimate escape bringing you 100% relaxation and luxury throughout your stay. You begin to take in every moment and realize it's impossible to fully capture the image with anything but your memory. Gazing out on a serene morning with my family, letting our troubles slip away was probably the recharge we needed.  The air is so fresh it's sweet, the beds are a haven you never want to leave, and that view will haunt you until you return.  A must try spot on everyone's bucket list. 

Saturday, 3 January 2015

let the wind take away the blues

 C. by Christing C. Silverlake Shirt Dress, Topshop hat, Zara vest and shoes, Celine sunglasses.

The mandatory first post of the year.  I've been holding pretty tight to 2014, not really willing to let go of all the insane memories created in such a short amount of time.  There's a nagging feeling it all passed by too quickly, but maybe that's part of this strange world of parenting.  Each milestone, month, or little smile marks another moment you imprint upon your memory, knowing it will carry you through a lifetime.  Not to say I'm not overwhelmingly excited what this new year will bring.  I'm delaying the start, revelling in some alone time with my two favourite humans and keeping it all to ourselves for a little longer.  I know the real world will come knocking soon, but who doesn't want to hibernate over the holidays?  


Monday, 29 December 2014

Phuket Travel Diary: Royal Phuket Marina

After bouncing around from one resort to the next with only goals of soaking in Phuket's love inducing sunshine and delicious fare, we were excited to stop for a few days at Royal Phuket Marina and feel a little more at home.  I'm pretty sure one of the definitions of luxury living is residing in a gigantic villa, complete with swimming pool and a yacht docked on your front step.  I couldn't believe it was as easy as taking a few steps away from our room to climb aboard a Sunseeker and island hop with locals.  We had been so busy we forgot all the calm beauty Phuket has to offer.  The boy and I lounged on perfect blue sky filled days, explored the yummy offerings and shopping destinations on the boardwalk, and slept a contented dreamfilled slumber each evening.  The serene setting and beautiful marina view was almost enough for us to enquire about a long term rental and relocate to the far more leisurely lifestyle of Phuket.  Maybe one day.

Daily yacht charters are available at Royal Phuket Marina.