Thursday, 26 March 2015

Ever Diary: First Birthday Party Inspiration

I have been blogging about baby Ever Tai over on another blog, but after a great response and lots of support from you guys I have decided to move it back on here.  My blog is fast becoming everything that encompasses my life and Ever is such a big part of that  so I want to share it all with you.  I'll continue to post Ever diaries here with tips, experiences, and general life with the munchkin type stuff.  If you want to read any past posts click over to read the archives about my pregnancy and first year with her.  

Ever's first birthday is now less than a month away, so after locking in a location this afternoon, I have started a Pinterest browsing marathon to seek inspiration and ideas for my little princess.  Since she's pretty much as girly as it gets, we are going with a pink and silver theme, and incorporating plenty of florals.  Ever is a big fan of flowers and anything shiny, so we'll make sure there's copious amounts of both for her to get giddy about.  

To be honest, I'm not loving the pre-made birthday signs I've found on the party websites, so have looked to Etsy for some options.  I have ordered a fabric name sign from Cheeky Stitches to hang at the party, and the best part is it can be used as decoration in her room afterwards  Pinterest has an insane amount of ideas for DIY decor options and I've pinned a few of my favourites.  I love the idea of DIY lace crowns, tissue garlands, and you must see this fairy tea party which may be the cutest thing I've ever witnessed.  I'll be visiting Artland soon for a supplies run and will Instagram my progress as we go along.

I haven't quite decided which cake we will be getting for the party, and I am partial to the cupcake idea as it's less messy and easier to share around.  I also found great recipes for marshmallow lollipops and rice crispy treats both using pink striped paper straws, which I thought would be tempting as snacks and party favours.  

Ever's dress will be her first couture, custom piece by one of my favourite local designers, Melissa Bui.  How ridiculously cute are her sketches?!  Melissa doesn't usually do children's wear but I heard from a little birdy she may begin soon, so keeps your eyes and ears open.  Can you imagine all the amazing embroidery and princess worthy gowns on your little ones? Too perfect.

Ok that's all for now.  I'll be back with another Ever Diary soon.  Keep up with her adventures on Instagram under the hashtag #EverTai.

Monday, 23 March 2015

walk with me

 Life is currently all about my cozy family, a tight group of friends, and the random social life that comes with residing in HK.  After almost ten years with the boy, jumping over to a different continent to find a new home, exploring over 30 cities together, and almost a year with our little girl, I can barely remember what life used to be.  Relating to the past or relationships of the past can be a chore in understanding and tolerance rather than actual enjoyment.  When priorities shift, it can be hard to go back to old habits and be abiding in a way I used to feel was second nature.  I've put almost all worries behind me and traded up for a new set of goals and aspirations.  Unhappiness and bad moods are almost impossible when you are raising someone who consistently offers the most genuine smiles and laughs. Bitterness can be one of the most unattractive traits, so I'm changing my pace and surrounding myself with those who want to walk beside me.  

Monday, 16 March 2015

just concentrating on today and that smile

 Wearing Portobello Blouse and Shorts, and the Kata Kimono all available at Christing C.

 The boy and I barely had time to breathe last week, hopping from one event to the next and making time to churn out as much work as possible in only a few hours so we could have a few moments to play with our munchkin.  A Monday dedicated to family bonding and comfort food was just what the doctor ordered.  I've been experimenting in the kitchen with much success, if I do say so myself, and we've grown a slight addiction to Walking Dead.  Who knew a show that produced so much anxiety could also be so unmissable.  Savouring the last few hours until just another week kicks off and we start it all over again.  Don't worry, we have a little vacation in the planning stages.  Sun, sea, and sand will feature in the near future.


Sunday, 8 March 2015

you are my sweetheart

Currently finding it impossible to slumber before 4am. The weird quiet hours where I indulge in silence, tv gazing, novel devouring all while wedged between the boy and the baby is just too tempting.  Peaceful moments become a hot commodity when your days are consumed by everything else and this is my way of still ensuring there's me time despite my new responsibilities.  I have quickly become defined by my roles; mother, wife, daughter, blogger, designer, which can create little room to remember who I was before it all happened.  Back when just a cappuccino and a fashion magazine was all I craved.  What is it like to just be alone and me?  Back when I was on here every single day pouring my mind out one slow hour at a time.  The new goal is to make time.  Through midnight reading, afternoon workouts, and those girly gossip sessions over cocktails.  I ensure I will be better at my other roles if I remember spontaneous, and messy me.  


Monday, 2 March 2015

Eating with HungryHK: Best Date Night Restaurant, Hong Kong

French Window
 The Continental


 Gaucho Hong Kong

All photos by DanielHungryHK

 As many of you may know, the boy is actually HK foodie, Hungry Hong Kong, so I spend the majority of my nights eating our way through the city at many of the best date night spots.  I wanted to start a weekly post and share with you all my favourite dining out experiences from my perspective, and recommend some of the best places to you.  If you aren't in HK, just enjoy all the food porn photos courtesy of Danielhungryhk ;-)

When the boy and I dine out, date style ambiance is super high on our list of priorities.  Think flattering lighting, tables that are not smashed up against another, a few enticing drinks, and of course a mouthwatering menu.  Here are a few of my recent favourites.

French Window: Located in convenient IFC and boasting a brasserie style menu, the French Window is somewhere the boy and I will probably return to again and again.  They have irresistible happy hour prices and a seafood platter that rivals those we've had in Paris.  Nothing beats that window side view where you can face away from the restaurant and pretend everyone else doesn't exist.

The Continental:  European with the best from France and England on the menu, quiet outdoor seating, seriously pretty and classic interiors, with spacious booth seating perfect for cozy dinners.  The professional service and decadent menu make it feel like a real treat without the sky high price points.  I would love to try brunch here when the sun can take advantage of their abundance of window realty.

Rustico:  Ok I admit it.  We rarely ever venture to the dark side otherwise known as Kowloon, and this place was a great distance to travel for us, but well worth it.  I am obsessed with their authentic Spanish menu and equally yummy wine list.  Everyone is also super friendly and sharing a table full of tapas is one of my favourite ways to spend with the boy.

Gaucho:  Their location in Chelsea, London was one of our favourite date night spots way back when so this was an obvious choice when they imported the concept to HK.  The steaks are just as good, the cocktails are fun, and that Dulce de Leche dessert is reason enough to return again.

Stay tuned for the next round up of restaurants next week and check out Hungry Hong Kong if you need a lot of food recommendations in this city or just like pretty pics of yumminess.


Wednesday, 25 February 2015

just today

 Running on auto pilot after a quickie trip to Taipei and a week of celebrations with family.  Nothing like simple evenings and conversations to bring you back to what actually matters.  Craving just the basics now and not much more.  I'm often truly amazed by how simple smiles from my family and just a few wine fuelled bonding sessions can bring me back to being me.  Now it's all about a piled up schedule and how much I'm craving our plans free Saturday.  Pancakes anyone?


Sunday, 15 February 2015

searching all my days to find you

Wearing C. by Christing C. North Laine Dress, Topshop Beanie, Versus leather jacket, and H&M boots.

White blouse by C. by Christing C.

Click on pics to be directed to the store.

Hoping all of you busy love birds had fun celebrating Valentine's Day this weekend.  The boy and I never celebrate any holiday in the typical manner and I guess Valentine's is kinda like that.  Not to mention the fact that we dine out most nights of the week, it seemed appropriate to go the other direction and actually spend a serene evening with fresh sheets and each others company.  We've basically vowed to never do the whole gifting, card giving, usual demeanour that goes along with holidays and in turn choose activities or gifts side by side.  I'm not sure it's very romantic to receive anything if there's any pressure behind it, so I'm much more into the lets go with what we feel like route anyway.  Back tickles and cuddles over diamonds any day in my book.