Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Phuket Travel Diary: Anantara Layan Phuket Resort with Chic Collection

It has definitely been a beach filled Autumn for the boy and I. Less than 24 hours after returning from Bali we jetted off to sunny Phuket for another dose of sand and sea.  I was blown away when we set foot at Anantara Layan Phuket, and was immediately engulfed into the sanctuary that is their refreshing resort.  Relaxation hit my bones instantaneously and their warm welcome to my family and I made the experience that much better.  Exaggeration is not in play when I state there was not a single grass or tree out of place.  Each corner, seat, and space in the resort is optimised to make you feel zen and free.  Instead of overly decadent, I felt the place was very natural yet luxurious which lets be honest is much more my style.  We spent our days enjoying the private plunge pool in our pool villa, sampling mouthwatering and fiery Thai cuisine at Dee Plee, indulgent breakfasts on the terrace, dips in the ocean view infinity pool, and walks during sunset along their deserted beach.   We had an abundance of privacy and left recharged and content.  I will definitely be returning next time I need a little break from reality.  


Thanks to Chic Collection and Anantara Layan Phuket for the lovely stay.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Bali Travel Diary: Double Six Luxury Hotel

 All rested up and happy after four days away in Bali.  We meandered along the surf ready beach, lounged by our clear blue pool, dined at sunset adjacent eateries, dominated Double Six's two floor penthouse suite, drunkenly laughed while toppled over on colourful sandy bean bags, and didn't miss a second of wonderful sleep on the most comfortable beds.  There have been few stays which were as luxurious and it was pretty impossible not to fall in love with the ultra cool and insanely beautiful Double Six Resort.  Highlights were definitely cocktails as we watched the sky melt from Double Six Rooftop Bar, dining at ultra chic and tasty Chez Gado Gado and Barbacoa, late night musings from the starlit wraparound penthouse terrace, and a coma inducing massage I am currently still craving.  Can we go back for more? Pretty please?  A must hit spot if you are in Bali and looking to party, feast, relax, or any of the above.  


Sunday, 2 November 2014

Beauty Post: Blonde Talk and More

Hair 101

I get lots of questions about my colourist and just general hair dilemmas so here I go.  I'm definitely no expert and pretty lazy at the best of times but I'll share with you guys some stuff that def works for me.

Salon: I get my colour done by Andy from QG Private i.  He just gets me, is super quick, and always gets that right shade of blonde without any brassiness.  I love the treatment they do there too, so you can leave the salon with silky smooth locks.  I have seriously tried a lot of salons and they never went blonde enough or it was really really patchy.  Andy isn't over priced, but the salon is comfortable, chic, and friendly.  Mention you read about it here and he might be able to give you a discount ;-)

Purple soap: or shampoo to be exact. If your hair is super dark and you want to go ashy blonde, you understand my fears.  To battle any orange tones and preserve the colour, I shampoo with purple shampoo at least once a week.  My favourites are John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Correct or Loreal Professional Expert Silver.  They can be drying so make sure to use a deep conditioner afterwards.

Deep conditioner:  I use treatments a lot, otherwise my hair would be straw.  I love Redken All Soft Heavy Cream and Morrocan Oil.  Aussie Three Minute Miracle also does the job on a budget and a good helping of organic coconut oil works too.  I often leave them on overnight or throughout the day if I'm staying home.

And that's it.  I also use a hair serum before I blow dry... nothing special and varies month to month.  To get waves I either use GHD straightners, curling tongs, or just leave semi wet hair in a bun to dry.  All of the above do the job.  

Hope that helps!


missed ya

from top to bottom: C. by Christing C. dress, Gabriela Mora necklace, Hairy Crab at Cuisine Cuisine, Bread&Beast at PMQ, Melissa Bui's SS15 Collection, and Carin Wester Blouse paired with Le Marais Skirt.

It's been awhile and I somehow didn't notice.  I'm going to learn to be better on here.  Pinky swear...take more pics, post more pics ;-) 

Lately it's all about planning two beach holidays happening in about a week and keeping up with daily date nights and an almost crawling baby.  I need to spin this week and get my holiday wardrobe in full gear.  

Missed u!


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Monday, 20 October 2014

teach them well and let them lead the way

Monday has arrived faster than expected and I'm trying to wrap my mind around all that has surpassed in the past six months. I often dwell in moments of anxiety when it dawns on my subconscious that it is pretty feasible for four years to pass within a flash. Do you ever fear not enough has been accomplished in your 24 hour day? I have friends who can run at full pace 99% of the time, and then there's me.  Achievement without my relaxed happiness basically means nothing.  The actual idea that my daughter has to go to school by the age of two and that I need to consider which education path she should take before her first step has even occurred is extremely surreal.  As each generation grows we become more competitive, more structured, more determined.  We dream bigger but what happened to just lying on a beach, maybe for a month, building a good foundation for a loving family.  I am starting to realise the healthier my relationship is with my daughter and my husband the more well adjusted she'll be in future.  What is a great education and all the opportunity in the world if she doesn't feel safe or know the true meaning of love.  Everyone speaks of planning how they will teach their children math, reading, and writing, but how do we teach our young about the world.  How to search for true love and not to throw yourself away for anything less.  How to be strong, confident, and voice your views.  How to share and have compassion for others less fortunate than yourself.  How to enjoy your life rather than trapping yourself in a path that is forced upon you.  Half a year will have passed since she entered this world and I just want to make sure she smiles and laughs through most of her day.  Everything else will come later, and if all those crazy logistics don't really work out just as well as the super planners then it will still be okay because we are happy and have each other. 


Sunday, 19 October 2014

Hogan Rebel: The Rebel Journey

Dream. Creativity. Freedom.

Words to remember as you go through your day.  Hogan Rebel encourages the free spirit, to choose the path you wish and gain strength from your freedom and convictions.  I thrive to live an uncoventional life, doing what I choose rather than the expected which is reflected in my personal style.  

See more of The Rebel Journey here.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

press stop

Ba&sh knit jacket, C. by Christing C. slip dress, and Zara boots.

Lazily browsing the web, eyes barely open, half paying attention to the new Kiera Knightly movie playing in the background, leaning my sleepy head upon the boy's shoulder, and sipping decaf coffee with a little bowl of ice cream.  Sundays are often the best part of fun packed, non-stop weeks.  I relish in romantic date nights, champagne fuelled recklessness, and encouraging my creative mind to run wild but sometimes I just want to snooze, cuddle my family, and mindlessly window shop online.  Hope you are all enjoying a lazy Sunday too.