Wednesday, 28 March 2012

urban jungle

Everything available at Christing C.

Photographer: Tim Chang

Have you guys seen the new Christing C. lookbook?  Everything is available on the site and stay tuned for an exciting flash sale coming up in the next 24 hours!!

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Lubięczerń said...

she is so pretty!! and this gold dress... oh i love it <3

penelope FASHION-FADE said...



Krissy ~ said...

so pretty!
i reckon her style is so you!
Krissy xoxo

Cinja said...

aww the dresses are so beautiful!

Krys said...

All of these dresses are so pretty! I've really enjoyed flipping through the new lookbook. xx

Miss Lyle Style. said...

Such pretty pics! Love the beanie with the girly dresses.

chiikalivelovelaugh said...

love this <3

The Car Addict said...

Wonderfull Blog my Dear! :)

Hihi, I test drove the Renault twizy on Saturday. Such a lovely Car! I bet you'll also like it :P

enjoy your day xx

Lisa said...

Lovely Blog! Keep up the good work!! ;)

Want to have a look at my recent Work I did for Tettnang? :)

Have a nice Day! xx

iola said...

OMG! what a wonderful collection of cheap ray ban sunglasses. I had fun following your blog. you are very creative, fun and very beautiful person. i am glad i’ll have the opportunity to follow you at vogue gone rogue.