Sunday, 16 March 2014

think pink

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Asos Boots and Topshop HK hat.

I have found it difficult to be a "show off that belly" mummy to be throughout my pregnancy.  All of my respect to those who aren't afraid to flaunt the bump, but with swollen legs and more weight than I'm comfortable carrying, I'm more in the mood to hide behind a-line shapes and layers.  My new oversize biker provides adequate camouflage and keeps me feeling like myself despite slight insecurities.  I happily created it in a rosy pink to match my cheery current mood and play along with S/S14's love affair with pastels.   Can't wait to be back in my denim shorts and pairing this with a plain white tank and cut offs this summer.



Jessica Rose said...

Must be clever camera work....or well styled clothing as it's hard to tell you are pregnant!


Simona said...

Leopard and pink matches perfectly and love your hair my dear ♥

charmystique said...

No matter, you look amazing!

Fashion Musings Diary said...

Congrats! Lovely leo skirt!